About us

About us

Restaurant Paradiis is a place for cool meetings and spending quality time.

Restaurant Paradiis is a wonderful place in Pärnu, where our flaming fireplace and attentive customer service creates a cozy and warm atmosphere in which everybody can be themselves.

The two halls of the restaurant offer an elegant atmosphere for up to 90 people. Thanks to separate rooms, we can offer our customers cosiness and privacy. For intimate occasions we have a hall for up to 50 people. While reading the menu even the eyes of gourmets will sparkle – our meals are delicious with fair prices.

Our restaurant is the right place to show to your lover, family, children, friends or business partners that you care for them. Prepare them a surprise and bring them to our superb restaurant. We will help you to make your stay special.

During the weekends we have musicians providing memorable melodies and making your stay a blast.

There are two ways to live. First is like nothing is a wonder. Second, like everything that surrounds us is wonderful.


Restaurant Paradiis was founded in May 2013 to share with you our passion, respect and love for food. I, Monika, continued the life work of the first manager Mare in 2014. Nevertheless I’ve been involved with that house since the beginning.

My passion for cooking and especially baking goes back to childhood. I baked my first cake when I was 4. It was for Mother’s Day. The cake consisted of flour, egg, milk and sugar. The smell of it was heavenly, but unfortunately not the taste. Luckily this didn’t stop my experimenting, though after tasting my first cake I announced that “seems like today the cake didn’t come out good”.

I have attended numerous trainings on cooking, which have given me many skills and confidence. Last push and piece of confidence needed to take the responsibility to run this restaurant gave me graduation of the Olustvere School of Service and Rural Economics as a chef in 2016. I understood how diverse and interesting the food world can be once you do it with passion, dare to try and stay curious.

With a good team big things can be done and there’s no need to search for happiness from far, because we’re happy here and now.

Monika Uibo
Manager of the restaurant